Stock Photography – Why I Do It

Hi! So, I’ve finally decided on a ‘rebrand’, by going back to the old site name of shellystillphoto for my blog. I chased illustration, but I am woefully underskilled, and it got to the point that actually doodling was depressing the hell out of me. I love drawing monsters and oddities, but I’m going to keep that side of me to myself for the foreseeable future. So, my blog will be mainly about my photography side, the stock photos I take, the vintage items I come across and also the more arty shots I take from time to time. I decided to send my work to stock photography sites because I was fed up of the photos just sitting on my computer, doing nothing. I started just over a year ago on Shutterstock, iStock and Fotiolia (now Adobe Stock) as an experiment, and even though the majority of my photos just sit on their servers rather than my hard drive I do sometimes get surprise big sales!

Flowering Cactus on White Background Stock - Shelly Still

I do hear a lot of grumbles about how pitiful the pay off’s can be with stock sites, and they are right, sometimes I sell a photo for 2c (about 1p) BUT they are rare, often the amount will be 33c (about 23p) and sometimes, just sometimes one will randomly sell for £53, or $76. For example the photo below I took on a little day trip to London, I took it on a compact camera. It sold a few weeks later for $76. This paid for my day trip!

Bistro Chairs Avalable at Shutterstock - Shelly Still

I must admit the stock sites have given me little goals too, trying to upload ‘x’ amount in a week, chasing photos, also for an introvert it gives me reason to go out for walks and generally get out of the house. Anyway, I’m sure I will write more about stock in the future, in truth I would love to sell my photography to galleries and make more that 33c for them, but I’m not brave enough or would enjoy the process of getting to that level. I know my little introvert mind and I work with it.

My stock sites

Shutterstock –


Author: Michelle Still

abstract watercolour and acrylic artist. Also enjoys clay modelling and cartooning

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